Looking for Short-Term Seasonal Work?

Each year between March and June we employ two or three extra staff at our plant in Biloela, Queensland to help us ship our fresh Australian mungbeans to the world.  

Seasonal workers operate the grading and bagging machinery and the forklift and help keep the shed and yard clean.   Staff are employed under the Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award and are paid on an hourly basis including superannuation and overtime where applicable.  Seasonal staff generally work 8-9 hour shifts 5-6 days per week – mostly inside.  We fund the training and assessment for staff to get a High Risk Work (Forklift) licence if they don’t already have one.  Comfortable accommodation is available in a cottage walking distance from work and the centre of town.  Biloela has around 5000 people, two grocery stores and two pubs.  It’s only 90 min to Rockhampton, Gladstone or the closest beach at Tannum Sands, and you can be snorkelling at Great Keppel island or bushwalking at the Carnarvon Gorge in just over 3 hours. 

If you are a Working Holiday Visa holder or are looking for a rural Gap Year, a 3-4 month stint at Australian Mungbean Company may be just what you are looking for.  The work is eligible for the 88 days regional work required for WHV extension.  If you are a recent school leaver, consider working from March to June then travelling or starting study in Semester II.  Either way you’ll leave Biloela with a healthy bank account and something new to put on your resume.  Introduce yourself to us by sending an email with your resume to  and check out who you could be working with here.

Here’s what some of our former seasonal staff have said about their time with us…

From our past workers

So you have decided to extend your stay in Australia and are now facing the grueling 88 days of farm-work required for the second year visa! Look no further than the Australian Mungbean Company based in little old Biloela! Jonnie & Damien are wonderful people and bosses to work for! They stand by every word they say. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working in Biloela, that much so I went back in my second year to save some much needed cash which then enabled me to see out my second year in style whilst living in Sydney.

There is a great team working at the plant, very friendly and welcoming. Made it very enjoyable and a fun place to work, especially when Damien used to shout the boys a crate of beers! I bet your wondering what life is like in Biloela? I personally loved it, lovely little town with everything you need! I do believe they have now finished the refurbishment of one of the old pubs and is now a hot spot for beers in the arvo or on weekends. Great set of lads around and I became very close pals with Isaac who works at the plant and made my time in Biloela very enjoyable.

Superannuation, wages, references and everything to do with applying for your second year visa was taken care of by Jonnie which made the process very easy. Super accommodation was available at a very reasonable rate which will able you to save the money your probably in need of as well as your days! The aircon was a godsend as your probably aware the heat in Australia is something else. Overall I loved every minute in Biloela and would highly recommend choosing the Australian Mungbean Company to do your farm-work. I made friends for life and one day, hopefully, in the not so distant future I will be able to return and see the little old town again 😁 Craig, Season 2018 and 2019

“Australian Mungbean Company offer fantastic work for backpackers! I completed my 88 days (and way more!) working for the company and cannot offer a more positive review than this – I absolutely loved every single second!

Key benefits: 

  • Fully rosta’d shifts, no waiting around & gamble each day for work
  • Competitive pay with great overtime options through different shifts 
  • Regular pay with payslips & paid by bank transfer, full sign off on 88 days etc. 
  • Private accommodation in shared house with small team of other backpacker workers
  • Bills included in rent, taken directly from pay so no hidden costs for rent/bills
  • Situated in Biloela, one of the largest towns in the area, so rural but not shut off! 2 pubs, gym, Woolies etc.

The White family are some of the kindest, most accommodating people you’ll ever meet, if I was not back in the UK and unable to get back into Australia because of Covid I would immediately jump on a plane to come and work for them again!   You’ll work hard but are rewarded for it and like I do now, look back to some great memories and friends for life.” 

Stuart, Season 2018

After spending 3 months travelling in SE Asia, New Zealand and Australia, I was offered a job on a local farm in Biloela. I arrived in Biloela not really knowing what to expect but keen to get stuck into some work and I ended up absolutely loving my Biloela experience! I started out by working on a local farm and after a few weeks I was offered additional work in the evenings and at weekends by the White family at the Australian Mungbean Co. It was really great to be able to see the different stages in the process, from the Mungbeans being harvested at the farm to them being palletised and shipped off around the world. Although I had my own accommodation I spent many great weekends with the other backpacker workers at the accommodation provided. It was a brilliant team to be a part of, a family business that is very much part of the local farming community. A few years on, I was lucky enough to be able to return the favour of providing work at our family business in Scotland to a great local Biloela lad Isaac, who took a few months away from working at the plant. I look back at my time in Biloela with great memories and I would really recommend working for the Australian Mungbean Co. to any backpackers looking for work.”

Matthew, Season 2015

“During my year as a backpacker in 2010 I came across an advert for seasonal work, I had read articles about seasonal work, where you are paid by the bucket or by the piece of fruit, your outside in the QLD sun all day surrounded by flies and sleep in a hostel that resembles a barn with 20 other back packers. Yea you can tell I was really excited to start.

You can imagine my shock when all this turned out to be completely wrong. The 3 months of seasonal work were so much better than expected.

When we arrived at Biloela, we met an amazing family, Jonnie and Damien and their daughter Bailey. We were accommodated in a share house in the town of Biloela, we were paid an hourly rate, worked within a large warehouse grain processing facility and got to experience life in a real QLD country town.

Work was by no means easy, but a damn site easier than picking fruit in a field. The hourly rate was good, and the rent was affordable. The people we worked with were great, true QLD country hospitality and the friends I made, I’m still in touch with some of them to this day. I’ll always remember my time spent in Biloela. Now 10 years on I have attained Australian citizenship and still call QLD home.”

Sam, Season 2010

Comfortable accommodation close to everything

If you need a place to stay accommodation is available in our comfy cottage which is walking distance to work, shops and pubs.  Our previous workers have loved their home away from home.